We're on a Podcast!


We were more than stoked to be featured on the Salted Spirit Podcast back in September (just 1 month after the launch of our first children's book!). In our interview with Stacie we talk about growing up in a surfing family and what it's like running a business with your sister (😜), influencing the younger generations of girls, and our duty as women to instil bravery. 

Just 3 days before Stacie reached out to us about doing an interview I happened to be writing out some of the goals I'd like to accomplish in the next year and being on a podcast was one of them! So talk about crazy timing!

Check out the sneak peek video above then head on over to Salted Spirit Podcast for the full Episode 24 .

What's so cool about Salted Spirit, is that she's connecting waterwomen from around the world who are crushing the status quo like Kassia Meador and Ishita Malaviya , sharing their stories and inspiring ideas on how to leave the ocean a better place than we found it.

I never thought we'd be featured on a podcast just 1 month after launching our first book, "Queenie Wahine, Little Surfer Girl" and still can't believe all the wonderful feedback we've received from families around the globe.

- Jess

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