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Queenie Wahine was created by two sisters from the Outer Banks who were raised to love nature, the ocean, and exploring the things unknown!  Our mission with Tribe of Daughters is to create books for girls which feature strong and inspiring female characters they can relate to. Through these stories and adventures, we hope to encourage more girls to get involved in board sports.


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“One very happy little girl! Thank you so much for the gorgeous book!! Even better than we could of imagined. Queen Wahine, Little Surfer Girl, ooh how we already love you so!"

- Amanda, New Zealand

"I just wanted to say a very heart felt thank you and let you know that all of the effort and heart you have put into the book were very apparent when reading it . . ."

- Ryan, Australia

“She may or may not have slept with her book last night! This will be a well-loved book for sure!”

- Jenny (The Thrifty Gifter),  North Carolina


"An excerpt of 9 out of 37 pages from the book"