What Our Customers have to say:


Sophie - North Carolina

"Having two daughters of my own this BEAUTIFUL watercolor illustrated girl action sport series is just so perfect for our family"

Amanda H. - New Zealand

“One very happy little girl! Thank you so much for the gorgeous book!! Even better than we could of imagined. Queen Wahine, Little Surfer Girl, ooh how we already love you so!"

Ryan W. - Australia

"I am from Sydney, Australia and pre-ordered three copies of your book, they arrived a couple of weeks ago, along with your lovely note. I am from an ocean family and I ordered one (plus a spare for us) for my daughter for a present and another in case my sister might need one. I just wanted to say a very heart felt thank you and let you know that all of the effort and heart you have put into the book were very apparent when reading it. The book is fantastic and without having much of an idea of what to expect when I ordered it, I was more than impressed with every aspect of the book. The story is lovely and the physical details down to the quality of colour, print, paper and overall build were far more impressive than I would have guessed buying such an unknown online. "

Bonnie B. - New Jersey

"It is truly a work of art made with love! I’m a yearbook publishing rep and taught art before that. I appreciate “special”! "

Jenny, The Thrifty Gifter - North Carolina

“She may or may not have slept with her book last night! This will be a well-loved book for sure!”

Alida, Alida Makes - North Carolina

“When a book is delivered and your daughter can’t wait to read it to you, you know it’s a keeper”

"Wow! It's just amazing. I was teary eyed reading it "

Rosanne H. - New Jersey