Video: This is how we made "Little Millie Ford and Her New Skateboard"

It's been almost 9 months since Ashley handed me the draft of "Little Millie Ford and Her New Skateboard" and at this point in time ( May 29th, 2018) I still haven't finished up painting the last of the illustrations (there's still 3 spreads left! 😳).

Call me slow if you like, but it really has taken the FULL 9 months to dream up and create the illustrations for our skateboarding book.

I haven't really shared much of the illustration process or how the book is actually made .  .  . until now.


Once the written draft is ready, there are a few parts of the book building process which I've shared in the video below: 

  • the painting
  • the digital editing
  • the creation of the book file

I skipped the sketching part because a) it's not as entertaining to watch and b) equally as long, if not longer than the above three parts.

The night scene illustration to the right was probably one of the quickest illustrations to use for this video. Mainly because there's not much white background (which I normally go through in post and remove. It takes me forever because I use the laptop's touch pad since I don't have a mouse or a stylus - yet).

All in all, this night scene process took me around 6-7 hrs to complete.

But don't worry, I've super sped this video up (500x to be exact) and cut out a lot to keep you from falling asleep.

The Very 1st Millie Sketch!

The Very 1st Millie Sketch!

Some of you may have been following the journey of Little Millie since the very beginning, in which case you would have seen when it was just a few pencil sketches on diner napkins and scrap paper.

I'm proud to say it's come a long way since then and the book is almost done! 

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