Books for Children Who Love Adventure Sports


Walk into my garage and you’ll find rows of sports equipment for kids and adults. There are surfboards, bikes, skateboards, and ski equipment for every age and size. As a parent I’m not shy about the sports we love in our family and it’s no surprise our kids are starting to get in on the action too. So as my children start to show interest and excitement for the adventure sports their dad and I enjoy, I’m not afraid to admit that I have been stocking their toybox and bookshelves with anything that can fuel those interests.

If you ask any adventure athlete why they enjoy their favorite sport, you better be sure that you are prepared to hear their longwinded answer. It’s guaranteed to be filled with details and memories from the first time they tried the sport to the trip they took last fall. As a parent and an athlete, I love how books capture some of the feelings that my children can relate to and gets them excited to share our sports. In my search, I have come across some pretty awesome stories that have become a part of our nightly bedtime story rotation.

  1. The Surfing Animals Alphabet Book by Jonas Cleasson

This isn’t your normal book about learning your ABC’s. Jonas Cleason illustrates the book with a variety of playful and exotic animals. The colors are bright and the lines are clean and not overstimulating. The surfing animals capture all of your attention. One of my favorite things about the book is the rich vocabulary used throughout but there’s also a combination of surfer slang mixed with technical surfing moves.

2. Fun with Dude and Betty by Lisa Pliscou

Do you remember reading the book Fun with Dick and JaneFun with Dude and Betty is a hilarious take on an old classic.  The retro-inspired illustrations are a perfect match on this remake of an old classic from our childhood. And just in case you’re confused, there is a glossary in the back to help you understand all their lingo. The adults in our house are unable to read any section of this book without channeling our inner surfer dude accent. You just can’t do it.  I dare you.

3. My First Skateboard by Karl Watson

Karl Watson is a professional skateboarder turned children’s author. The story starts with Jonas getting his first skateboard and how much fun it is for him to learn to skate.  As the story progresses, Jonas meets new people and builds a diverse community of friends.  The books focus on inclusion and community, has a positive message, and is very relatable.


4. Queenie Wahine: Little Surfer Girl by Ashley Norris

Queenie Wahine is a little girl who wants to surf but is worried about getting hurt.  This book touches on relatable fears that a lot of children face when they’re trying something new. The story emphasizes bravery and the rewards of perseverance. One of the most notable aspects of the book are the unique illustrations. Queenie Wahine is the first book of the Tribe of Daughters series and the second book, Little Millie Ford and Her New Skateboard was just released this August.