Surfing with Dolphins! 🐬


On Monday I had the most magical surf session  . . .

(oh hey, that's me & my dolphin friends!)

It started out just like any other early morning surf session, 
aka dragging myself out from under the nice warm covers to don a cold & sandy wetsuit (😬)

But the reason this session ended up being so special was that 4 amazing things (that literally NEVER happen) aligned all at once . .  .

1) We had the sandbar all to ourselves, 
2) a huge pod of dolphin swam up & put on this amazing show,
3) I scored a rare hang 5, 
4) a total stranger grabbed this footage of us surfing with our dolphin friends

It was truly a magical morning and just another reminder of why surfing (to me) is more than just a sport, it's self care in the best possible way.



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