5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Little Explorer + Free Christmas Gift Guide for Girls (ebook)

Well, the tryptophan has just started to wear off from Thanksgiving and I’m shifting gears.

For Christmas this year, I'm trying to be more purposeful in my gift giving by focusing on our shared interests and strengths. I was searching for gifts that my children can enjoy playing with on their own but that can also bring us together as a family.

Instead of filling our living room with stuff that serves one purpose, I’ve begun to seek out gifts that will be apart of our daughters' lives and that tap into and develop their unique interests and strengths. My criteria was pretty simple:

  • it had to be either easy to travel with, low cost, or could be made at home. AND
  • Either flex their creativity muscles, aide them on their adventures, or provide an outlet for them to test their coordination and strength

After a bit of thought and a little research, we came up with a list of gifts that all fit the bill and compiled it into a free ebook! Our first ebook ever, woohoo!! It's our Christmas Gift Guide for Girls and with it you will be able to find the perfect gift for your little explorer, athlete, or creative soul. 

At Tribe of Daughters, we value our time and spending it with our loved ones. The Christmas Gift Guide for Girls was created to give you more time to bond and play with your strong girl instead of wasting hours stuck in the endless void of toy aisles.

Curious to see what's inside? Here's a sneak peak of the gift guide for we've created for Little Adventures:

"1. Binoculars

If you love going on nature walks, hiking, and exploring with your little ones, then I definitely recommend adding a pair of binoculars to your holiday list.  The first time we took our girls for a hike, the binoculars and map were essential pieces to the experience. When we returned home, I found them in the backyard looking at the trees talking about what they saw.  These adventure tools have served as mementos that they treasure and now use to reenact our adventures in their play. 

2. Travel Journal

I think it’s so important to be able to record our memories and adventures.  Letting children have a place to scribble, draw, and write about their thoughts and adventures teaches them that their perspective is valuable. It's also a great way to look back through with your child and reflect on all of the wonderful trips and journeys you've been on together.

3. Instax Mini Camera

How often have you been looking through your photos on your phone and found a montage of little explorer selfies, still lifes, and action shots? Well, it happens too much for me to count.  And while I love stumbling upon these treasures, my explorer would probably like to have her own camera.  I love the Fujifilm Instax Mini because the picture immediately prints out for instant gratification.  This is perfect for the child who loves to document their adventures and would be a perfect pair with the travel journal.

4. Map Making Kit

Not all gifts need to be bought at a store, and sometimes the ones we make are the most fun to play with.  I got this idea after we returned from a mountain trip and my daughter started making a map of the apple orchard that we visited. All this kit requires is to create a special box and fill it with it with map making necessities to keep your little explorer engaged on your everyday adventures and your great explorations! I fill mine with a scroll of paper, markers, and a compass. You’ll satisfy their creativity and need to explore, but also develop skills in spatial awareness and build their writing.

5. Wildcraft! An herbal adventure game

So I was browsing Mighty Girl and stumbled upon this cool gem.  Last summer, my girls got really interested in our garden and in the herb plants that we were growing.  They thought it was so neat that they could just wander over to the garden, pick out something, and eat it (hello, Mint).  I love that this game not only introduces them to nature and biology but also encourages collaboration and team work."

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So this year, instead of the fighting crowds, endless perusing of aisles, and dealing with traffic, you can spend it exploring and playing with your strong girl!

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