Our Mission


Created by two sisters raised to love nature, the ocean, and exploring the things unknown!

Now with little girls of our own, we are sharing that passion with the next generation. 

Our mission with the book, Queenie Wahine, is to encourage more girls in the water.

For them to see the beauty, athleticism, and grace that is apart of this sport.  

Women bring such a gracefulness to surfing. But, in order to make something so physically challenging look so effortless, you have to be strong!

Our mission with Tribe of Daughters is to create a books for girls which provide strong and inspiring female characters that they can relate to. 


Why we choose books to accomplish our mission

We chose books because they are a story as old as time.

How do parents bond with their kids? Through books.

Books are portable, they’re part of our bedtime routine, and they provide kids with an opportunity to explore the world. They have so much power because they’re tangible, tactile, and stimulate all of our senses, more than an app or tv ever could.

We engage kids through books. You can touch it, hear it, and even smell the paper.

That’s why when we selected the paper for Queenie Wahine, we chose a heavy paper stock not only for durability but also to accentuate the sensory experience that children associate when snuggled up with a good book.

children's book surfing illustration