5 Days of Giving

Giving back to the community and providing a resource which encourages more girls to get into action sports is the core behind Tribe of Daughters. So this past week we ran our 5 Days of Giving event, where 20% of all the sales made from our surfing children's book, "Queenie Wahine, Little Surfer Girl" were donated to the Changing Tides Foundation .

If you haven't heard of Changing Tides Foundation yet they are an organization which was created by a group of water women ( 💪 💪 ) and based off the idea that the world would be a better place if we all had the opportunity to give back.

What's awesome about this organisation is that they are creating a movement and paving the way for travelers to “Serve Naturally” and “Adventure Consciously”. By partnering with other organizations from around the world, they’re helping to provide opportunities for travelers to get involved and give back to the communities they’re visiting. Changing Tides has also collaborated with eco-minded brands to help promote a travel experience which leaves behind the smallest footprint possible through the use of their earth conscious equipment and tools. 💙🌎

Some of the projects Changing Tides Foundation are involved in include WOMP ( Women’s Outreach Mentorship Program) in Panama, Clean Mexi-Agua in Mexico, and the CTF Disaster Relief: Caribbean Project 

Clean Mexi-Aqua Program
Girl Empowerment - WOMP Program
Girl Empowerment - WOMP Program
Girls at WOMP Program

Over the course of our 5 Days of Giving we sold a grand total of 16 books and helped raise around $100 for Changing Tides Foundation. We believe that even the smallest helping hand can make waves of difference and we are so stoked and grateful to everyone who particapted. 💙